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Functional Medicine Testing

Where Can You Get Functional Medicine Testing?

One of the most important aspects of medical treatment is testing. This lets the doctor dive deep into your health concerns and find the underlying issues. Detailed knowledge is necessary for developing the best individualized treatment plan for the patient. For a Toronto Naturopathic Doctor who will spend the time and effort to complete accurate medical testing, you should work with us at the office of Dr. Natasha, ND.

One reason she is sometimes called the best naturopathic doctor in Toronto is that she will always start off with a round of functional medicine testing. Common tests include stool testing, to learn about how your digestive system is working; urine and dried urine tests, to learn about your hormones and their pathways; blood tests to find out about food sensitivities and other issues; and a breath test to detect intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

As you may have already realized, the types of things checked in functional medicine testing are quite different from the standard checks at your typical doctor's office. While the usual doctor's tests can be very important for treating certain conditions, they sometimes are not in depth enough to discover some underlying causes. 

To get functional medicine testing in Toronto, along with a plan to improve your health, contact Dr. Natasha, ND. She is a board-certified naturopathic doctor with a focus on digestion, skin health, hormone health, weight management, and preconception care. She is also trained in facial rejuvenation acupuncture. When it comes to your health, don’t guess. Test!

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