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Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

How Does a Toronto Naturopathic Doctor Work?

A Toronto naturopathic doctor uses evidence-based treatments, however instead of favoring lab-created pharmaceutical methods, a naturopathic doctor aims to treat and prevent illnesses through things like lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling, nutraceutical supplements, acupuncture, and botanicals. I believe that using natural methods helps restore the body by encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Many patients who have searched for a “naturopathic doctor near me” haven’t always had great success with the standard of care. From my experience this is typically due to the fact that medical doctors do not have the ability to spend adequate time with the patient during their visit to feel properly cared for.

A Toronto naturopathic doctor's main aim is to repair the underlying problems that cause the patients' conditions. By eliminating the cause of symptoms, the symptoms themselves are eliminated. Even better, lifestyle and dietary changes can improve the patient's general health. This makes them less likely to suffer illness in the future. It also improves energy and overall well-being.

If you have not found what you are looking for through conventional medicine, it's worth it to make an appointment with me- Dr. Natasha, ND. Your visit consists of a 75 minute long initial appointment to go over your health history, relevant physical exams and request any lab work we may need. With that information an individualized treatment plan is put together to address the root cause of your health concern.

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